Increasing Likes and Followers for Your Social Media Pages

Increasing Likes and Followers for Your Social Media Pages

These days, social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are no longer considered as such online platforms that can only be used to get connected with other people across the globe. These online platforms are now being used by many to expand their business and to make more money. Well, there are many ways to do this.

There are also people who wish to use these social media sites for popularizing themselves. When these sites were announced for the first time, people used them heavily for getting connected with others and to make new friends only. But with time things have started to change and now people are using these sites heavily to popularize their business and products. And to do this they are trying several ways to get likes and followers on Facebook and Twitter like social media platforms online. Some of the tricks people are trying are legitimate and some of them are illegitimate. Well, here, we will discuss about some points based on the tricks and strategies that can be used further to get more likes and followers on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram like sites.

What experts use to say?

Even the experts have mentioned that growing likes in Facebook is just like you are developing the list for email subscribers which are a great way to popularize yourself online. If you are considering like on the Facebook as the vanity metric, then you are wrong. Keep in mind that a Like in the Facebook page means that there is someone who is showing more interest in your profile. And this also suggests such person has offered you a 24/7 platform online which can be used for further communication.

Well, this is surely a very robust and powerful thing added for the field like online marketing. So, this is the right time to take maximum advantage of this unique opportunity. Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are the sites that offer you a great mode to stay in touch with the liked ones in the most non-invasive and friendly manner.

If you really want to pamper your admirers in the most unique way, then these are the best online platforms. You can use them as such online platforms where you can get in touch with them whenever they want. Keep in mind that promotional emails like ten percent off coupons can even make people tired and these emails can only end up in the spam folder with time.

However, increasing Like and Followers in Facebook and Twitter can offer you a great chance to keep others engaged and you can push them hard for further to get in touch with you and share their things. In this regard, Facebook posts can play an important role for you. There are some methods that can be tried by both the newbie and advanced users of these sites in order to generate more Facebook Likes.

Facebook Contests:

As far as Facebook contests are concerned, they are turning out to be a perfect way for Facebook users to generate more excitement among others. In this way, they are also getting new users as their fans. This is just like delivering promotional emails to others. But this time it’s different and can offer you more advantages as you are doing it over Facebook. What you need to do is to lure others with the big prizes. All you need to keep it simple and deliver it’s as a no-brainer to the potential users who will possible click on the Like. Simply by doing this you can push they hard to like the page and they will become fans too.

So, the big question is that how the contest can make it possible for you to generate more fans and Likes for your Facebook page? In this regard, you can also take help of the third-party apps such as Wishpond. This sort of app is coming with the feature such as Like Gate. Due to this feature an entry page in the contest app will remain hidden to the other users until and unless they will hit the Like for your Facebook page.

The Like Gate is nothing but a simple image that carries the text which suggests the users to Like the Facebook page if they really want to access that fabulous contest. And when a non-fan will Like it, the app will reload automatically in order to present a view of default entry or the voting page through which that user can enter into the contest. Well, this sort of third party app can be easily enabled for your Facebook page and for the luring contests as well. Simply by assigning it for the required job, you can increase your chances to get more Likes on Facebook. As most of these apps are loaded with the Like Gate images, you can push non-fans hard to enter into the contest through it. The Like Gate images are just perfect and they are tailored for your targeted contests. Well, the Like-Gated contest can also be used for the generating Facebook Ads which are always considered as the high-converting elements.

There are a few apps like Wishpond which you can use now for your Facebook page in order to announce those luring contests. These are the best methods to attract new fans for your Facebook page. Keep in mind that announcing contests can offer you a great chance to lure more amounts of other visitors who will like your Facebook page. In this way, you can also attract more people for your Facebook page in less time.