• Dr. Michael

    A Omm Infotech Happy Client

    I initially got an email from Oditech web solutions where they claimed they could help my website performance. At first it was skeptical as I don’t trust random emails.

    However, this email got me looking at my website and I did some searches on my own from different locations to find that my website was not on the first page, not even the second or third pages. I was in no mans land in terms of internet. I began talking to them with hesitation and after some dialogue I agreed to sign on with them. After all, I was on the fourth page in searches so what did I have to lose? my existing website provider and seo managers were letting me down. It has now only been a short couple of months and already I am back on the first page of searches. I could not be more pleased. To add to this, their fees are less than what was paying before and I was in no mans land with my previous website managers.

    Let me also add that this company is easily accessible. They take the initiative and live chat with me periodically to see if there is anything else they can help with. It is almost like having a quick business meeting to catch up every week with them and at no extra cost.

    Move to them has been by luck but good luck and I am very happy I did.

  • Rich

    A Omm Infotech Happy Client

    We recently were contacted by Oditech Web Solutions to redesign our website. I was impressed because they represented a no pressure professional approach to contact and impressed on me that they could do whatever I wanted in a reasonable period of time at a reasonable price and I must say they did everything they said they would within a month consulting me every step of the way and responding to all my requests quickly and efficiently. My website went from primitive to professional easily and without pressure and every rquest I had was answered quickly and efficiently.

    I would heartily reccomend Pramod and his group to anyone looking for a quick and efficient updating of their website at a reasonable price and if anyone has any questions on the service I would invite you to contact me any time for references.

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    SN Mandarin – A Omm Infotech Happy Client